User Manager


After clicking "User Manager" icon at the Management Panel, system will display a table which current registered users are listed.

1. Filtering User List

To narrow user list for a search query you can use the filter option on the top of the user manager page. Default selected filter option is Users full name.


To use advanced filtering options You can click show more button and blow detailed filter form will appear.


After clicking add filter button, users listed on the table will be narrowed for your search query and "Active Filters" will be listed as below. You can remove all or selected filters to see full user list again.


2. Viewing Selected User Details

 To see user profile details click on the First Name/Last Name of the user.


3. Deleting, Suspending and Editing Users

At the right hand side of the user table you can see three icons which used for deleting, suspending, and editing users.


Trash icon is used to remove users from the list. Our system does not remove users from database it just hides it from the user list. It is not possible to recover users when deleted.

Eye Icon is used to suspend user accounts. When suspended user will not able to login learning management system. You can suspend and reactivate user accounts by clicking the eye icon. Also suspended users will be displayed on the user list.

Edit Icon is used to edit user details. You can change user info and password on edit user page.


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