Type Specific Ecdis Guide

Training Process


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First, make sure that you meet the system requirements listed in "01- Prerequisites". Then install the client application in "02 - Client Application Installation" section. You can use the "Client Application Setup" guide document under the help files. After completing the installation, login into the system with the username and password that we sent to you. You can use the "Instructions for use" guide under the help files. After the training completed, we will send your certificate to you and your company.

You have to finish within 3 weeks from the date you started training.

When you complete the training, your certificate will be shared with the company you are working with.


Optimal System Requirements

Özellik Gereklilik
Processor Dual core processor at least 2.5 Ghz
RAM 3GB at least
Display Card Any display card  that supports Direct X
Auido It is recommended to use headphones during application
Ekran It is recommended that the resolution is at least 1650 * 1050.
Connection At least 2Mbits / Sec internet connection is required for effective use.
Operating System Windows Vista/7/8/10
Other Requirements 3 button mouse



To access the simulation application, your computer needs to load the client application.  You can download the client application from the link below.


It is a support file that contains instructions for setting up the client application.

It contains instructions on how to use the client app and how to complete the training.
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